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I actually received a free playstation slim!!!

Posted on: August 16, 2010 12:30 pm
I know your wondering how this is true. How does someone just give away free playstations? I was skeptical as well but decided for the purpose of writing about it, I would give it a try. It did take a little work as you need to refer 8 people but you do get a free playstation once completed. The catch? Well, you do have to sign up for an offer from one of the sponsors. It is painless and may be something you already wanted like I signed up for the video game rental from Gamefly. It cost me 8.95 to sign up for the first month of service but obviously paying that much for a playstation is awesome.

All anyone has to do is use the link below and follow the instructions. It is that simple and if you are able to get 8 people (I asked friends whom all have free playstations now) and it went fast. I am trying it again so I can give one to a buddy of mine who doesn't have enough money to buy one. We would like to play each other online. Give this a real shot and then get ready to start playing on your new playstation.


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